Flat Cork Yoga Block

Flat Cork Yoga Block

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Description, The flat cork yoga block enhances your practice by supporting, stabilizing and aligning the body. Sit on a single block for a straighter

s are a great option when choosing a yoga block. These yoga blocks can also be used for those who do not feel flexible enough to complete some

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Cork yoga XL block - KURMA Yoga - sustainably made in Europe

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Free by Nature® Cork Wedge Fascia Trainer Pack of 2 Calf Stretcher, Stretcher for Foot, Squat Wedge, Squat Wedge, Mobilisation Wedge, Yoga Block, Made of 100% Cork, Skin-friendly and Sustainable,

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Yoga block made of cork (origin Portugal). Made in Portugal. L 22 × W 12 × H 6.5 cm. Weight 450 g. - Cork yoga block at Manufactum

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at – The Web’s most popular yoga shop

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